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6. What’s included with the purchase of a PeakFitPro, besides life-changing results?

The PeakFitPro has a built-in 5,000 pound load cell that conveys a signal to a Bluetooth module, which in turn sends information to our unique software program, showing push / pull resistance to 1/10 pound. This program allows for multiple users and multiple exercises, even custom exercises. Each exercise can be performed by time increment or percent of drop-off, both of which are user defined. During a percent drop-off exercise, the program continuously monitors the highest point of resistance during the exercise and stops when your resistance level drops by the value selected before starting the exercise. The amount of resistance, the countdown time and drop-off percent are all displayed in real time.

At the end of the exercise a results page provides you with your peak and total weight – the second-by second accumulation of your weight, and an overall graph review of your exercise. Detailed values are stored in a history log to compare your progress, showing your name, exercise, date / time performed, peak and total weight and, percent of change.

To aid users, the software has a number of predefined exercises with pictures showing how that exercise is performed. There are also videos of many of these exercises on our website, describing the key points of each, to get the most out of every effort.

With this incredible machine you also receive an exclusive 28-piece accessories package valued at over $497, allowing you to perform dozens of different exercises, providing you the ability to exercise every muscle group or isolated muscle in the body.

The PeakFitPro can easily be transition from one exercise to the next in seconds, allowing you to complete a total strength exercise program in minutes per week. Why waste hours with little or no results? Our proven system has worked for a multitude of people, from all walks of life.

Also, shipping of your PeakFitPro is included in the purchase price for destinations within the continental US.