What is the PeakFitPro

What is the PeakFitPro

The world’s only Static Contraction Training Apparatus for Isometric strength training workouts. The PeakFitPro, having no moving parts during operation, is exceedingly safe for EVERYONE. Utilizing a commercial 5,000-pound capacity load cell and Bluetooth and smartphone/tablet, provides immediate accurate measurement of the user’s maximal force output during each of the 10 exercises and locks in the “peak” force value which is crucial in scheduling your workouts. The PeakFitPro is the only gym on the market that allows for 100% muscle fiber recruitment that is absolutely necessary for continued strength and muscle gains.


FACT: a muscle will only do 1 of 3 things; shrink (sarcopenia), stay the same, or grow (hypertrophy). We are only concerned with increased strength progressively over a lifetime and hopefully your are too. A muscle will only strengthen and grow when it is forced to operate beyond its normal threshold of intensity. In other words to continually gain strength and muscle it’s absolutely necessary to continually and progressively OVERLOAD the muscle(s). The adaptive response originating from the central nervous system to the muscles being overloaded has one outcome, growth. There is NO other result as long as your muscle(s) have been provided enough time to properly recover. Don’t misunderstand, you’re not suddenly going to wake up one morning with arms the size of Arnold’s arms this doesn’t work in that way. Women for instance don’t have the testosterone required for big muscles, not naturally anyway.

Your body adapts to the overloading of muscle(s) by increasing in strength and size the way mother nature intended in order to prepare your body to withstand the same force (load) and more next time you train without risk of injury. It is very naive to think one can change the laws of nature, one CAN’T. Only the laws of man can be manipulated. The human body is designed to respond positively to very high intense short duration isometric type of work. The PeakFitPro was designed with this in mind and it’s the only gym in the world that can make you the most powerful human you can be.

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