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4. Who is the PeakFitPro Suitable for?

No matter your age, sex, athletic ability, previous strength training or level of fitness, EVERYONE can benefit from Isometric Exercises using the PeakFitPro.

• Ideal for people with little or no exercise experience.
• Seasoned or professional athlete who want to perform at their peak.
• Can be used in rehabilitation programs.
• Ideal for the elderly.
• Great way to teach proper biomechanics.
• Excellent for enforcing movement patterns, especially in youth
• Achieves maximum muscular contraction and increases strength faster than any other form of training.
• Prepares the musculoskeletal system for more advanced activities.
• Increases neurological strength, recruits more muscle fibers for each movement.
• Anyone looking to get healthier and gain strength without wasting the time needed to follow a traditional strength training program