Does the PeakFitPro come with a guarantee?

Does the PeakFitPro come with a guarantee?

YES! You must follow the exercise instruction explicitly. Any deviation will destroy your success. The PeakFitPro will do for your what everything else has failed to do as long as you follow these rules: Stimulate-Recover-Gain You must first stimulate the muscle fibers to grow by producing a load (resistance) beyond what your body is custom to. This immediately alerts the central nervous system to respond by growing stronger and bigger in order to be ready the next time this load occurs.

Next the body MUST recover fully. Think of an exercise “sunburn” after a PeakFitPro workout. Sunburns take time to heal. Return to the damaging sunlight too soon and you’ll burn more thus further delaying full recovery. Same applies to the many micro tears you cause to muscles performing a PeakFitPro workout. Growth NEVER takes place in the gym or while you’re working out it only happens while you’re away from training. Lastly once you’ve followed the proper scheduled days off then perform your next scheduled exercise and see your “GAIN” in improved strength and will you notice some mass gain along the way too.   It’s just that simple. If you’re one who cannot follow directions and the protocol specifically designed for the PeakFitPro, then absolutely do not buy it because you’ll be very disappointed.

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