How many sets and repetitions do I perform?

How many sets and repetitions do I perform?

PeakFitPro is truly unique and in order to be successful you MUST get in the mindset of “Less is More”. In other words you must understand that even though the stress your body will go through during a PeakFitPro session only last a few seconds, it is usually far beyond ANYTHING you’ve ever forced your muscles to go through. DO NOT be afraid by that statement. I simply mean that your muscles are forced to work beyond their normal capacity. Because of this it is only necessary and “mandatory” that you perform 1 full out maximum effort repetition to reap the full benefit of the exercise. That’s right, 1 shot giving all you got! That is the absolute “precise” dosage to achieve the optimal results for your strength/muscle gains. Consider the following: You’re going in to have a surgical procedure, which requires anesthesia. Do you want to be given too little anesthesia? Probably not and if you are given too much you could possibly die. Therefore I’m sure you want exactly and only the precise amount of anesthesia.

This holds true for your workouts as well. Even the great Mike Mentzer only prescribed 1 set per exercise done to failure. Any additional sets created to large of a window for recovery for little or no real benefits.

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