What is the best order of exercises?

What is the best order of exercises?

Since the PeakFitPro doesn’t use any free weights, resistance bands, or pulleys the order of exercises can be customized from Pete Sisco’s Static Contraction Training (SCT), order of exercises.

There are 10 exercises, 1 for each major muscle group spit into 2 or 3 workouts depending on your specific goals. Separate workout. Years ago I called these simply “A” and “B” workout. I now refer to these as push and pull workouts.


PUSH                                                                       PULL

1- Bench Press                                           6- Bicep Curl

2-Tricep Press                                           7- Ab Crunch/Press

3- Shoulder Press                                     8- Lat Pull down

4-Leg Press                                                9- Dead Lift

5- Toe Press                                               10- Shoulder Shrug

We have also added the ability to do a belted squat. This means your legs get all the benefits of the squat without all the damaging compression on the spine with massive amounts of weights on your shoulders.

Above is a list of all 10 major muscle groups involved in a complete PeakFitPro workout

Workout (A) or Push Day incorporates exercises 1-5. You will NOT perform Workout (B) or Pull Day until 3 days have past since completing the (A) or Push Day workout.

Alternatively, there was a workout system originally developed by Tony Reno. Because his gym utilized isometric exercises in the same way as the PeakFitPro


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