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1. What is Isometric Exercise?

Isometric Exercise, sometimes referred to as Static Contraction Training (SCT), is a type of strength training where muscles tension is created without any actual movement. Traditional strength training trains your muscles with either concentric contractions (shortening the muscle fibers) or eccentric contractions (lengthening of the muscles fibers). In isometric training your muscles train under tension in a static position.

2. What are the benefits of Isometric Exercise?

The three main benefits of Isometric Exercise are that you can grow stronger, faster, and safer than traditional strength training.

In order to grow stronger, you must stimulate your muscle. When you exert maximum effort in an Isometric Exercise your body responds to the demand by recruiting ALL of your muscle fibers. This is known as “Maximal Voluntary Contraction”. The problem with traditional strength training is that you typically train with full range of motion (ROM), which forces you to automatically limits how much weight you can train with. You can only lift what your body allows in your weakest ranges of motion.

But while your muscles are in their strongest positioning, they are capable of a much stronger effort. With isometric exercise, without the limiting effect of motion, you can produce a maximal stimulus on your muscles, resulting in a remarkably greater increase in strength over a shorter period of time.

With traditional strength training using full ROM, you only stimulate your muscles to what body can handle in your weakest range, thereby seeing a much slow increase in strength than using Isometrics. In many cases, people following a traditional strength training routine actually perform exercises with the same weight and reps (or sometimes less) over the course of a week(s). Basically, they aren’t happy with the results they are getting because they aren’t stimulating the muscle enough and they end up training too frequently as a result.

When you exert maximum effort in an Isometric Exercise your body responds by recruiting ALL your muscle fibers. This type of stimulation forces your muscles strengthen, and also results in increasing your bones density, strengthens your tendons and ligaments, boosts your heart and pulmonary activated, and also enhances your brain function as it corresponds to the impact on your nervous system.

And since you are providing a maximal stimulus on your muscle with Isometric Training, you don’t need to perform multiple sets of multiple exercises all targeting the same muscle. Nor do you have to train them as frequently.

You can train your entire body with Isometric Exercises in less than 10 MINUTES PER WEEK and see amazing results!

Using our machine in 12-week program, clients saw a 54-300% increase in strength!

With only having to dedicate 10-15 minutes a week to strength training, this gives an athlete much more time to spend on their sport specific training, or any other activity YOU want. Who wouldn’t want to free up extra hours in their weekly schedule, and at the same time get stronger? We know we would!

Isometric Exercises are typically performed at the bodies strongest ranges of motion. This significantly diminishes the stress placed on joints while at their weakest point, where injury is most likely to occur. Using the PeakFitPro, you are able to maintain better mechanics while exerting a greater force on the muscle.

Since the PeakFitPro has a built-in 5,000-pound load cell, the time-consuming task of adding and removing weight plates is eliminated. No longer will you have to worry about dropping heavy weights on your feet or pinching your fingers as you stack them together.

Plus, because there are no heavy weights being moved around, there is no longer a need for a spotter!

In fact, Isometric Training is so safe and easy to perform compared to traditional strength training, it’s excellent for individuals who are recovering from an injury or dealing with a pain or condition that limits certain types of movements. Whatever the reason may be, Isometric Exercise can be a great alternative, as minimal joint movement is involved, to increase one’s strength and improve physical function.

3. Why is Isometric Training Not as Commonly Known and Used?

One of the primary reasons Isometric Exercise are not used more often is due to the lack of objective measurements, requiring too much intuition for self-assessment of progress, or subjective guessing. However, that is no longer the case. The PeakFitPro allows you to measure your isometric push/push resistance to within 1/10 of a pound increment.

You can now objectively see your body grow stronger, faster, and more safely than traditional strength training!

4. Who is the PeakFitPro Suitable for?

No matter your age, sex, athletic ability, previous strength training or level of fitness, EVERYONE can benefit from Isometric Exercises using the PeakFitPro.

• Ideal for people with little or no exercise experience.
• Seasoned or professional athlete who want to perform at their peak.
• Can be used in rehabilitation programs.
• Ideal for the elderly.
• Great way to teach proper biomechanics.
• Excellent for enforcing movement patterns, especially in youth
• Achieves maximum muscular contraction and increases strength faster than any other form of training.
• Prepares the musculoskeletal system for more advanced activities.
• Increases neurological strength, recruits more muscle fibers for each movement.
• Anyone looking to get healthier and gain strength without wasting the time needed to follow a traditional strength training program

5. What are some of the other benefits of the PeakFitPro and Isometric Exercises?

A. Isometric exercises are easy to perform. With no moving parts while exercising, participants can easily perform exercises with focus on working specific muscles. Since very little skill or motor control is necessary, many subjects possessing a poor level of motor ability to perform dynamic exercise in a slow and controlled manner can safely perform Isometric Exercises.

B. Isometric exercise isn’t “energy expensive”. Traditional weight trainers often spend several hours a day, several days a week, performing exercises with multiple repetitions & sets. This constant effort usually saps your energy by the end of the week. While Isometric exercises works the muscle fibers with short intense push / pull efforts – from several seconds to several minutes, you don’t expend anywhere near as much total energy. As a result, it is often possible to incorporate isometric exercise without interfering with your sport specific training program or other daily activities.

C. Isometric exercise is excellent for rehabilitation. Isometrics are excellent for individuals who are recovering from an injury, deal with joint deformities, experience joint pains, irritations, inflammation or arthritic conditions or may have limited ability to perform certain movements. Whatever the reason may be, oftentimes isometric exercises are a great alternative, as minimal joint movement is involved. Strength training may help reduce pain and improve physical function.

6. What’s included with the purchase of a PeakFitPro, besides life-changing results?

The PeakFitPro has a built-in 5,000 pound load cell that conveys a signal to a Bluetooth module, which in turn sends information to our unique software program, showing push / pull resistance to 1/10 pound. This program allows for multiple users and multiple exercises, even custom exercises. Each exercise can be performed by time increment or percent of drop-off, both of which are user defined. During a percent drop-off exercise, the program continuously monitors the highest point of resistance during the exercise and stops when your resistance level drops by the value selected before starting the exercise. The amount of resistance, the countdown time and drop-off percent are all displayed in real time.

At the end of the exercise a results page provides you with your peak and total weight – the second-by second accumulation of your weight, and an overall graph review of your exercise. Detailed values are stored in a history log to compare your progress, showing your name, exercise, date / time performed, peak and total weight and, percent of change.

To aid users, the software has a number of predefined exercises with pictures showing how that exercise is performed. There are also videos of many of these exercises on our website, describing the key points of each, to get the most out of every effort.

With this incredible machine you also receive an exclusive 28-piece accessories package valued at over $497, allowing you to perform dozens of different exercises, providing you the ability to exercise every muscle group or isolated muscle in the body.

The PeakFitPro can easily be transition from one exercise to the next in seconds, allowing you to complete a total strength exercise program in minutes per week. Why waste hours with little or no results? Our proven system has worked for a multitude of people, from all walks of life.

Also, shipping of your PeakFitPro is included in the purchase price for destinations within the continental US.