Strength training triathletes

Strength training for triathletes is a topic near and dear to me. After my college basketball career and my time spent in school becoming a chiropractor, I fell in love with triathlon. Specifically, I fell in love with the Ironman distance triathlon. My first race I ever competed in was a full ironman distance race at Ironman Lake Placid. What a humbling experience that was.
I actually wrote a book about my athletic background and ultimately culminating with my competing at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. The name of the book is “Kona Bound.” It’ll be available on the website and on Amazon.

I thought it was unfortunate that there was very little good information regarding strength training for triathletes. I was actually following a training program from Mark Allen. The program itself on the triathlon side was incredible. I was in the best shape of my life in the 3 disciplines. The one place I felt that the program lacked was in the strength training side of things. It was your typical 3 sets of 10-15 reps of each exercise. From my background with Static Contraction training in my office and with my own results, I knew how inferior the results would be with the training program I was given.

So what did I do? I wanted to consult with the best in the world to try to find out what the best strength training for triathletes was. I first began to have a consult with Pete Sisco himself. He is the guy in the video being interviewed by Tony Robbins on this site. I explained my situation, and because the technology had not yet been developed to measure all of the data points over time, I had to modify my isometric training program to meet his requirements doing timed partial reps. This previously, was the only way to measure a 3 minute long set. Now, of course, we developed the cutting edge technology for the PeakFitPro to be able to measure every single data point during any isometric lift on the PeakFitPro over any period of time.

The details are in the book, however the results were phenomenal. Pete and I chose the 5 most important exercises that would help me the most during the Ironman World Championships. I then did one 3 minute set of each. All of the reps were partial 2-4 inch reps. An example would be lifting 100 pounds 100 times in 3 minutes. This would add up to 10,000 pounds in 3 minutes. The same 5 exercises and the same 15 minutes period of time for each session.

The results were incredible. I went from my first session for a total of 66,000 pounds in 15 minutes to 216,000 pound in the exact same 15 minute period of time. Massive strength gains and easily in the best shape of my life.

Fast forward to today…… we now have the technology to get the maximal possible results associated with this style of lifting for the strength training for triathletes. We literally developed the technology to meet these needs. Nothing like it exists anywhere in the world at a price point like ours.

One short lifting session per week would allow me to have superior strength improvements over any other style of lifting available today. When you consider the safety, results, time investment and again the RESULTS, nothing comes close. The PeakFitPro is the absolute leading technology in the world to provide the superior results that triathletes are looking for, all while not overtraining. 1 short session per week still allows you to get in your other 9-15 session a week for your triathlon specific training.
The PeakFitPro is the single most important piece of strength training for triathletes technology that exists in the world today.