Safe for seniors

SAFE FOR Seniors of Any Age!

Some of the top concerns older adults have about weight training, exercise and getting fit are safety, balance and the ability to “work out” for 30-to-60 minutes, or long enough to get results. Many may be suffering from joint pain, Type 2 Diabetes or osteoporosis.

Isometric exercise addresses each one of those concerns. The PeakFitPro is a simple machine designed to help individuals reach Maximum Intensity in a controlled manner with measurable effort. It is common for the 80+ population to double and even triple their static lifts in 12 weeks! Imagine what tripling your leg strength could mean to walking up and down stairs or any activities of daily living.

Balance is not an issue, nor are heavy weights, or adding or subtracting weights or changing settings on a big machine. The PeakFitPro is a simple machine with no moving parts, no chains or cables or parts to break. It provides a stable foundation and the proper angles at which you’ll need to get the most effective exercise.

Isometric exercises have been shown to increase bone density while not having to risk breaking bones by using or moving around heavy weights. If you become fatigued during isometric exercises you just stop. There are no weights to lower, and you don’t need a spotter or help to do the exercise. Maximal benefits and maximal safety!