Innovative Tech

Isometric Exercises Bluetooth Technology

Finally, technology has caught up with the needs of the most advance lifting processes available today!

Gone are the days when you have to put 100’s or 1000’s of pounds of plates on and off barbells wasting valuable time in the gym. This alone can cut your workout time by 90% not having to go find plates and hoist them on and off the bars.

Gone are the days when you have to get only 1 peak number for a static lift on a digital meter.

Gone are the days of using partial reps to come as close to objectively measuring the truly desired static lift.

We have created a new technology that allows athletes of all capability levels to get:

  1. Maximum possible results,
  2. Measure it in a way never before available,
  3. Have the Intensity with which to stimulate the most muscle and nervous system development your body can produce.

In the old days of static contraction training, you had 2 options.

  1. Lift 100’s of pounds of plates onto a bar….. And then lift that bar. The problem is that it’s either too light so that you can actually lift more and not get the maximum benefit, or it’s  too heavy and you don’t know how much above your potential the weights were. This is all based on the hopes your gym has enough plates. One time I tried this and literally the YMCA did not have enough plates in the gym for me to even come close to the weight needed for my leg press.
  2. Lift on the old XF Streamline SR. You get 1 Peak reading at the end of your lift and have no measurements of the other 99% of the lifting time you performed.

On the PeakFitPro, you get an unlimited data stream directly to your smart phone or tablet. We have more accuracy than ever before being able to measure to the nearest tenth of a pound! Nothing else in existence can do this with isometric exercises.

You can see the peak number!

You can also see every number over 10 seconds of 10 minutes depending on your purposes behind your static lifts. Now that ALL of the data can be collected, you can quantitatively measure your progress and know precisely when you need to rest and when you are ready to set your next personal records in strength.


You can see more about the app here:

You can download the app directly from the app store here: PeakFitPro App