Frequently Asked Questions About The Peak Fit Pro and Isometric Exercises

Isometric training with the PeakFitPro machine is a highly effective way to improve strength gains. For anyone who feels the PeakFitPro machine is not for them, we’ve included an industry standard 30-day return policy. The customer will pay return shipping and restocking fees.

Yes, the PeakFitPro comes with a full 1-year warranty on parts due to manufacturer defect. Every PeakFitPro ships free of defects and in proper working order. If something should fail or does not operate properly contact us immediately. If it is determined the malfunction isn’t due to misuse you’ll need to return the item to us for repair or replacement.

The entire machine is made of steel that can withstand 5000 pounds of pressure. Treat it right, and you’ll never have to worry about malfunctioning of the gym.

YES! You must follow the exercise instruction explicitly. Any deviation will destroy your success. The PeakFitPro will do for your what everything else has failed to do as long as you follow these rules: Stimulate-Recover-Gain You must first stimulate the muscle fibers to grow by producing a load (resistance) beyond what your body is custom to. This immediately alerts the central nervous system to respond by growing stronger and bigger in order to be ready the next time this load occurs.

Next the body MUST recover fully. Think of an exercise “sunburn” after a PeakFitPro workout. Sunburns take time to heal. Return to the damaging sunlight too soon and you’ll burn more thus further delaying full recovery. Same applies to the many micro tears you cause to muscles performing a PeakFitPro workout. Growth NEVER takes place in the gym or while you’re working out it only happens while you’re away from training. Lastly once you’ve followed the proper scheduled days off then perform your next scheduled exercise and see your “GAIN” in improved strength and will you notice some mass gain along the way too.   It’s just that simple. If you’re one who cannot follow directions and the protocol specifically designed for the PeakFitPro, then absolutely do not buy it because you’ll be very disappointed.

In conventional weightlifting you usually are performing multiple sets and repetitions. In a normal set of weightlifting you begin the movement at literally zero resistance, then as you perform the repetition you move into a range of medium resistance, and lastly moving ion the position of MAXIMUM resistance. It is this very final position of maximum muscle contraction that yields the most benefit in terms of trying to stimulate the muscle fibers that is the goal of any strength-training program. Ironically this position is seldom if ever utilized in boring old conventional training methods.

If you have ever been to the gym to work out you know the hardest repetition of a set is the very last one. WHY NOT then go to the very last rep FIRST! Not only are all of these sets and repetitions a huge waste of time, they deplete very valuable energy and chemicals at a cellular level thus negating any chance of allowing you to ever achieve a fully optimal workout. The only way to stimulate your body for optimal growth regarding strength and size is forcing the body to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible during a given exercise. This is achieved only by working out in the strongest range or position (near lock out), with the highest amount of resistance possible.

Intensity and duration are inversely proportional. In other words NO ONE can push or pull at maximum force (intensity) for more than just a few seconds. In fact every professional, collegiate, and Olympic athlete I’ve ever trained as well as all the other non athlete trainees, hit their peak achievement within 7-10 seconds, as long as their intensity is maximum. Sure one can still be generating some amount of force for longer than 7 or 8 seconds but the “PEAK” will not be achieved again in that 1 maximum REPETITION effort. Therefore it is only necessary to perform 1 Repetition per exercise per training session, for optimal results. Any more than that and you completely mess up your recovery, even if you perform one more single repetition with max weight or effort as Arthur Jones studied and proved decades ago.

Build Strength

Gain Muscle

Increase Bone Mass

Improve Joint Support

Improve Quality of Life

Support Longevity

Full body workout

Accurately measure base line and on-going strength levels

Quickly and easily configure gym for upper and lower body exercises

Never need a spotter

Takes up very little space

Isometric exercise has been around for decades. Actual training practices can be traced back to the Roman and Greek times however first identified in the 1920’s. Scientists studied isometric training extensively since the mid-1940 when Hellebrandt discovered that controlled, high muscle tension generation increased muscle strength to high levels quickly. This discovery went mainstream by way of Charles Atlas promoting and selling his program “Dynamic Tension Method”. In 1953 Hettinger and Mueller’s classic paper was first published. Their research conceded: “A maximum muscle strengthening effect was produced by (ONE) daily isometric contraction, lasting six seconds, using an effort level of two thirds of the muscle’s contractile power” Also please refer to our referral/testimonial page for more proof regarding the efficacy of isometric training using the PeakFitPro. I stand 100% behind the results achieved by individuals properly using the gym and following the protocol.

The world’s only Static Contraction Training Apparatus for Isometric strength training workouts. The PeakFitPro, having no moving parts during operation, is exceedingly safe for EVERYONE. Utilizing a commercial 5,000-pound capacity load cell and Bluetooth and smartphone/tablet, provides immediate accurate measurement of the user’s maximal force output during each of the 10 exercises and locks in the “peak” force value which is crucial in scheduling your workouts. The PeakFitPro is the only gym on the market that allows for 100% muscle fiber recruitment that is absolutely necessary for continued strength and muscle gains.


FACT: a muscle will only do 1 of 3 things; shrink (sarcopenia), stay the same, or grow (hypertrophy). We are only concerned with increased strength progressively over a lifetime and hopefully your are too. A muscle will only strengthen and grow when it is forced to operate beyond its normal threshold of intensity. In other words to continually gain strength and muscle it’s absolutely necessary to continually and progressively OVERLOAD the muscle(s). The adaptive response originating from the central nervous system to the muscles being overloaded has one outcome, growth. There is NO other result as long as your muscle(s) have been provided enough time to properly recover. Don’t misunderstand, you’re not suddenly going to wake up one morning with arms the size of Arnold’s arms this doesn’t work in that way. Women for instance don’t have the testosterone required for big muscles, not naturally anyway.

Your body adapts to the overloading of muscle(s) by increasing in strength and size the way mother nature intended in order to prepare your body to withstand the same force (load) and more next time you train without risk of injury. It is very naive to think one can change the laws of nature, one CAN’T. Only the laws of man can be manipulated. The human body is designed to respond positively to very high intense short duration isometric type of work. The PeakFitPro was designed with this in mind and it’s the only gym in the world that can make you the most powerful human you can be.

Absolutely not. I began doing Static Contraction using free weights after reading the book “The Golfer’s Two Minute Workout” co-authored by John Little and Pete Sisco in which they described static contraction workouts using free weights or machines of the day. Very soon however I outgrew the limits of conventional free weights and machines. I remember one time specifically doing the Leg Press at the YMCA with Free Weights. I had every single 45 pound plate in the entire gym on the leg press machine and it just was not enough to perform the exercise to my maximum capability.

Not to mention the fact that it was extremely dangerous AND I always had to have at least 1 if not 2 spotters for many exercises. Using free weights or conventional machines is vastly inferior to using the PeakFitPro, however you will make great gains at the gym using conventional methods.

PeakFitPro is truly unique and in order to be successful you MUST get in the mindset of “Less is More”. In other words you must understand that even though the stress your body will go through during a PeakFitPro session only last a few seconds, it is usually far beyond ANYTHING you’ve ever forced your muscles to go through. DO NOT be afraid by that statement. I simply mean that your muscles are forced to work beyond their normal capacity. Because of this it is only necessary and “mandatory” that you perform 1 full out maximum effort repetition to reap the full benefit of the exercise. That’s right, 1 shot giving all you got! That is the absolute “precise” dosage to achieve the optimal results for your strength/muscle gains. Consider the following: You’re going in to have a surgical procedure, which requires anesthesia. Do you want to be given too little anesthesia? Probably not and if you are given too much you could possibly die. Therefore I’m sure you want exactly and only the precise amount of anesthesia.

This holds true for your workouts as well. Even the great Mike Mentzer only prescribed 1 set per exercise done to failure. Any additional sets created to large of a window for recovery for little or no real benefits.

Similar to the traditional SCT workout anytime overtraining is detected, the workouts are separated by an additional “3” days. Which means that you must have at least (6) days off from training if you follow the common (A) (B) or push pull schedule which had you skipping only 3 days between workouts initially.

The typical schedule will start off with roughly once a week. As your strength gains improve, your need for recovery will increase as well. Some people may progress to the point that they are doing certain lifts once every 4-6 weeks!

Since the PeakFitPro doesn’t use any free weights, resistance bands, or pulleys the order of exercises can be customized from Pete Sisco’s Static Contraction Training (SCT), order of exercises.

There are 10 exercises, 1 for each major muscle group spit into 2 or 3 workouts depending on your specific goals. Separate workout. Years ago I called these simply “A” and “B” workout. I now refer to these as push and pull workouts.


PUSH                                                                       PULL

1- Bench Press                                           6- Bicep Curl

2-Tricep Press                                           7- Ab Crunch/Press

3- Shoulder Press                                     8- Lat Pull down

4-Leg Press                                                9- Dead Lift

5- Toe Press                                               10- Shoulder Shrug

We have also added the ability to do a belted squat. This means your legs get all the benefits of the squat without all the damaging compression on the spine with massive amounts of weights on your shoulders.

Above is a list of all 10 major muscle groups involved in a complete PeakFitPro workout

Workout (A) or Push Day incorporates exercises 1-5. You will NOT perform Workout (B) or Pull Day until 3 days have past since completing the (A) or Push Day workout.

Alternatively, there was a workout system originally developed by Tony Reno. Because his gym utilized isometric exercises in the same way as the PeakFitPro


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