Leveraging Neuroscience For Your Clinical Success!

Taking Human Performance & Rehab To A Whole New level!

Stronger, Faster, Safer With The PeakFitPro!

The Real Benefits For You And Your Patients!

The PeakFitPro Is The Future Of Human Performance & Neuro Rehab!

  • Faster & Safer Rehab
  • Increased Muscle
  • Improved Hormone Levels
  • Improved Clinical outcomes
  • Increased Bone Density
  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Blood Sugar Handling
  • Enhanced Neuroplasticity & Neurological Rehab
  • Significant Improvements to Balance
  • Increased Growth Hormone Level
  • Anti Aging
  • Take Improvements To Activities Of Daily Living To A Whole New Level
  • This Is The Future Of Human Performance!!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Carrick Institute actually have a PeakFitPro?

Yes! They have a PeakFitPro and they are incredibly excited about the Human Performance capabilities of the PeakFitPro as well as the Ortho and Neuro rehab implications as well.

Will patients see objective and consistent improvements?

The more you know about measuring your exercise performance in objective ways, the more you realize how haphazardly most people train. That means training decisions can be made on hard facts instead of by feel, instinct or chance. When you do that you can make consisted progress with every exercise on every workout. The technology within the PeakFitPro provides more objective data for better clinical outcomes than ever available before. Results are therefore expected and not cherry picked.

How long does the average workout take using the PeakFitPro?

The standard 10 exercise program, each of 5 exercises are performed in alternating weeks, takes on average 5-10 minutes to complete.

All out effort on 5 exercises for 10 seconds each or 50 seconds total means, the workout can be done in less than 10 minutes. Don't let the short time fool you. The intensity level is very high!

What type of patients can benefit from the PeakFitPro?

There are benefits and applications for virtually every single patient who walks or wheels their way through the doors to you office.

How quickly should I expect to get a return on investment?

This depends on a few factors, but many places see a return on their investment in 3-6 months. Depending on how much you charge, 20-25 patients engaging in a 12 week program would be all you need. The PeakFitPro was designed by Dr. Chris and he wanted to make sure that it was made affordable to all docs and not another major investment that takes 5 years to pay off.

What do patients think about the PeakFitPro?

They absolutely LOVE IT and look forward to their next session to beat their previous numbers! They can do the exercises in their street clothes without getting sweaty, can perform their workouts quickly and safely, and most of all, see incredible, verifiable strength gains – beyond anything they’ve experienced before. It’s such a short workout, anybody can fit it into their busy life. Plus, the PeakFitPro can perform a wide variety of exercises to work any muscle group, to fit unique patient needs.

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