The real value of this lifting technique is the health benefits derived from productive strength training. Those benefits are well established in medical research. Productive strength training delivers the following: lower blood pressure, more lean muscle mass, higher fat burning, increased HGH and testosterone, increased libido, increased HDL, improved cardiac function, lower body fat, greater bone density, stronger tendons and ligaments, improved tone and appearance, and an increased sense of well-being. SuperRep lifting may be the most efficient way of achieving these results, and it is simple enough for anyone to do, and do it safely.

Elite Athletes

Endurance Athletes

Bone Density


Team Sports

Anti Aging


Fire Fighters

Nursing Homes & Seniors


Weekend Warriors

Peak Performance

Arthritis Pain


Improved Cholesterol

Low Back Pain

Lowering Blood Pressure

Increase Muscle Mass

Improve Metabolic Rate

Increase Bone Density

Lower Blood Sugar

Prevent Muscle Loss

Reduce Body Fat