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  • Patented Scientific Breakthrough: REVOLUTIONARY strength building system
  • Most EFFICIENT workout: More Strength/Muscle in less time
  • FULL BODY WORKOUT: Quickly change configuration for a full body workout
  • Built to LAST: Machine is able to withstand 5,000 pounds of force.
  • SAFEST Workout EVER: Due to the absence of moving parts, virtually injury free
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Isometric Exercises Are Safe and Effective for All Ages & Abilities

Whether you’re a professional body-builder, a senior trying to gain strength, or an adult looking to tone your body, Isometric exercises work. More than a century of research, medical case studies, and real people have proven that isometric exercise is the most effective body building, toning and strengthening exercise known to man. For those who want to focus, measure and track their exercise, there’s PeakFitPro, one simple machine designed to measure your effort and ensure you’re maximizing your results with proprietary technology that has never been available before with isometric exercises before.

The results, safety & efficiency with the PekFitPro are unparalleled by any other form of strength training available today.
Incredible results are expected results!

10 Minutes per week or less can transform your body, life, health and fitness!

Because it is a REQUIREMENT that a muscle be overloaded for an adaptive response to occur, anything short of forcing your muscle to work harder than last time will NOT result in an increase in size or strength. This is why isometric exercises done at a maximal intensity produces the highest possible gains that you can attain.

The static contraction training machine includes a Force Meter showing the exact amount of effort you’re applying – your Strength Number – so that you know the number to beat for your next workout. AND, more importantly, you’ll know immediately when your body is in an “under recovered” state.

This machine can handle over 5,000 pounds of force – like lifting almost 2 Toyota Corollas - so you’ll never outgrow it.

With traditional weight lifting, if you do a set of 10 repetitions before you reach “failure,” the first 9 reps are practically just a warm up for the last rep where the real muscle stimulation happens. And, those first 9 reps make you weaker for the 10th! With the revolutionary static contraction training machine, you can do that last rep first! You simply do ONE REP of 5-10 second all-out effort creating an immediate and intense muscle-building response.

In any weight lifting exercise, you can only use as much weight as you can handle at the weakest part of the lift. In a static contraction training workout, you skip past those weak points and only exercise at the strongest part of your range of motion, creating maximum stimulation.

Executing safely the perfect repetition where you’re placed in the precise position which is approximately 120 degrees at the joint, allows for maximal momentary muscle fiber recruitment. NEVER before has this been achieved as safely, quickly, or precisely! And because this is a very high intensity all-out effort by you, in as fast as 7 seconds you will have fully exhausted the muscle fibers achieving maximum momentary muscle fiber recruitment.

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Intensity of Effort is GOOD. Amount of Exercise is BAD.

Exercises and a maximal effort is the answer to gains and
safety they are unparalleled anywhere in the world today!

-Arthur Jones


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Safe and Soundless

Because this machine is motionless, it’s safer than any other exercise machine or free weights – nothing to break or fall or snap or drop. And because you’re in the “strong zone” of your range, it’s safer for your body, too. And there are no clanging weights, spinning wheels, fans or other noise makers (unless you turn on the audio biofeedback feature in the Force Meter).

The health benefits of having more strength and muscle mass are well known and publicized. Strength training exercise yields lower blood pressure, increased lean mass, greater bone density, increased fat burning, increased natural Human Growth Hormone production, better skin tone and elasticity, improved sexual function, increased ‘good’ HDL cholesterol, better blood sugar regulation, increased energy and more! Isometric exercises done at maximal intensity can propel these results significantly.

These are what medical scientists call “biomarkers of aging”, and productive strength training has the ability to improve all of them; essentially making a person younger by medical definition.

And the thing that is really exciting is working out on the PeakFitPro machine allows people to get all of these benefits in about 5% of the time compared to how everyone has always done it! The PeakFitPro is the future of Isometric exercises, static contraction training and strength gains.

You'll start your static contraction training workout with TWO 2.5-minute exercise sessions per week. Each session has only 5 exercises.

As you get stronger, each workout will cause a greater activation of your neuromuscular system. And you’ll need more time to recover and get stronger as a result. Which means after a few months, you’ll find yourself maintaining your fitness with only one or two 2-minute workouts PER MONTH.

This machine replaces thousands of pounds of free-weights and machines and other space-hogging equipment.

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In just 10 weeks of Static Contraction Training, trainees (who were hardcore bodybuilders who had been
lifting “heavy” for a long time and averaged about 38 years of age) achieved the following average gains:

These results ARE Typical!

People should expect their lifts to go up significantly. Most will increase 50%-300% in 12 weeks. They will get an increase in muscle tissue, decrease in body fat etc.


Never before has a piece of exercise equipment allowed an individual to reach Maximum Momentary Intensity with isometric exercises until now.


  • Bench press improved from 350 pounds to 547 pounds, (56% increase in 8 lifting sessions).
  • Leg press improved from 1429 pounds to 2155 pounds, (51% increase in 8 lifting sessions).
  • Additional objective and subjective results include increasing average biking speed by 4 miles per hour, a 23 pound weight loss, and a reported noticeable difference in balance and integrity of joints.

  • Bench press improved from 336 pounds to 533 pounds, (59% increase in 9 lifting sessions).
  • Leg press improved from 751 pound to 1422 pounds in 9 lifting sessions, (89% increase in 9 lifting sessions).
  • Additional subjective results include winning a push-up contest by a large margin with 89 push-ups, despite being the third oldest person at his karate studio. The patient attributes winning the push-up and kicking contest to static lifting. He also reports an increase in strength and energy.

  • Bench press improved from 47 pounds to 116 pounds, (147% increase in 6 lifting session
  • Leg press improved from 237 pounds to 671 pounds in 6 sessions, (183% increase in 6 lifting sessions).
  • She has reported a significant improvement of the edema in her legs, and activities of daily living have dramatically improved. Walking up and down stairs is much easier, and her energy in general is high.

  • Bench press improved from 160 pounds to 247 pounds, (54% increase in 6 lifting sessions).
  • Leg press improved from 406 pounds to 1070 pounds, (164% in 8 lifting sessions).
  • Patient is an active, competitive dancer. She reports subjective results of performing on a level that she could not have done without the strength gains and stability she contributes to the lifting.

  • Bench press improved from 289 pounds to 406 pounds, (40% improvement in 5 lifting sessions).
  • Leg press improved from 1101 pounds to 1606 pounds, (46% improvement in 5 lifting sessions).
  • Subjective findings reported by this health care professional include a noted difference in energy levels and ability to sustain energy and treat all day long.

  • Bench press improved from 132 pounds to 225 pounds, (70% increase in 6 lifting sessions).
  • Leg press improved from 429 pounds to 722 pounds, (68% increase in 6 lifting sessions).
  • Patient first presented with back pain due to a car accident. Muscle strength had been decreased. He previously reported that simple activities of daily living significantly exacerbated his pain and kept him from performing simple tasks. After lifting and significantly increasing his strength, he reports feeling stronger than he can remember.

SAFE FOR Seniors of Any Age!

Some of the top concerns older adults have about weight training, exercise and getting fit are safety, balance and the ability to “work out” for 30-to-60 minutes, or long enough to get results. Many may be suffering from joint pain, Type 2 Diabetes or osteoporosis.

Isometric exercise addresses each one of those concerns. The PeakFitPro is a simple machine designed to help individuals reach Maximum Intensity in a controlled manner with measurable effort. It is common for the 80+ population to double and even triple their static lifts in 12 weeks! Imagine what tripling your leg strength could mean to walking up and down stairs or any activities of daily living.

Balance is not an issue, nor are heavy weights, or adding or subtracting weights or changing settings on a big machine. The PeakFitPro is a simple machine with no moving parts, no chains or cables or parts to break. It provides a stable foundation and the proper angles at which you’ll need to get the most effective exercise.

Isometric exercises have been shown to increase bone density while not having to risk breaking bones by using or moving around heavy weights. If you become fatigued during isometric exercises you just stop. There are no weights to lower, and you don’t need a spotter or help to do the exercise. Maximal benefits and maximal safety!

Everyone Benefits From Isometric Exercises

Elite Athletes

Elite and pro athletes train between five and six hours a day, six days a week. That’s right, 30 to 36 hours a week. That’s 30 plus hours of brutal work honing their skills and body. While weights, aerobics and other exercises and stretching build muscle and strength, isometrics is a special kind of strength training. Unlike “pumping iron,” or using machines to build strength, isometrics is an exercise in which the joint angle and muscle length do not change during contraction - adding a different kind of strength.

Endurance Athletes

Endurance athletes not only need strength and power, they need muscle and cardiac endurance. The processes that occur in the body during Isometrics create a more efficient, lactic acid burning system and a more efficient blood pumping heart.

This makes for better endurance. That’s right. Burning lactic acid for fuel is a process that involves training your body at high intensities. If you can do that, you can become very efficient at shuttling the lactic acid back up to the liver and converting it into glucose. Once converted into glucose, that lactic acid can be used as a concentrated energy source by your muscles.

This process is called the “lactic acid cycle” or the “Cori cycle” and it’s only possible to do efficiently and effectively with isometric exercises. Endurance athletes already spend incredible amounts of time training. Maximizing results in 10 minutes per week with the PeakFitPro is an advantage for your gains, your recovery, and efficiently using your valuable time. There is no reason the endurance athlete needs to ever spend 3-6 hours a week lifting ever again. This is the greatest strength training for triathletes available today.

Body Building

Bodybuilders train their muscles to the point of failure, meaning it’s difficult to do more than a set number of exercises. Isometric exercises however can be performed when the muscle is fatigued - and without the risk of injury.

Doubters in isometric effectiveness only need to go to the old Charles Atlas Training Courses, which were largely isometric exercises. Isometric exercises have several benefits for both strength athletes and bodybuilders - including advantages not possible through regular weight training.

Isometrics allows bodybuilders to recruit nearly all the muscle fibers during a maximal isometric contraction - something that doesn't happen with regular eccentric and concentric (down and up) repetitions. Any bodybuilder knows, the more muscle you can recruit the more damage you can inflict and the more growth can occur. This leads to a greater than normal increase in strength. In as little as 10-weeks athletes have been proven to show strength gains of 14-40% with isometric training.

Police Officers

Police officers, like many of us, have semi-sedentary jobs. Long shifts, odd hours, and irregular schedules, which doesn’t make it easy to stick to any exercise routine. Yet, officers are required to be fit, to move and to use their bodies every day. In spite of the intense demand for physical exertion, officers spend a lot of time behind the wheel of a patrol car or desk, as well as on the streets. Isometric exercises can be performed on the job, and give anyone, regardless of the job type or demands, the strength they need to perform.

Fire Fighters

One of the primary hazards of being a firefighter is low back pain. Firefighters main activities include the use of fire hoses, manual lifting, and the use of heavy tools for fire rescues. Other factors that cause low back pain may include, climbing ladders, lifting weights, moving the body while wearing heavy gear, stretching the body, or excessive firefighting work.

They are often forced into awkward activities in cramped quarters. Almost all of their physical activity on the job involves risks of musculoskeletal disorders that can be corrected, prevented or helped by performing isometric exercises. A study by the National Institute of Health on the effect of isometric exercises on actual firefighters showed an increase in abdominal strength and a decrease in back pain following regular isometric exercise.


Powerlifters often have difficulty training through sticking points during a lift. This is where isometric exercises can make a huge difference. Because isometric exercises have the most effect at a particular portion of a movement, they’re especially useful for and improving the transition between the controlled and explosive portion of a movement.

The two most common sticking points for powerlifters are the bottom of the bench press and the bottom of the squat. These, and other sticking points can be reduced or eliminated with isometric exercises. Isometric exercises are also far safer for power lifters, allowing the lifter to continue to exercise long after he’s reached muscle fatigue with free weights. You can easily train with significantly more weight than you could possible do in a full range of motion with the PeakFitPro. This will help you realize gains far beyond what you could have otherwise

Peak Performance

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a professional athlete, a senior, disabled, diabetic, recovering from surgery, in rehab, or simply trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, isometric exercises are the easiest, least expensive, safest, fastest way to fitness.

Unlike bodybuilding or weight training, most consistent participants see a difference in strength in a matter of weeks, not months. The exercises take only 5-10 seconds to perform, and an entire routine can be accomplished without equipment in as little as five to ten minutes.

Isometric exercises have been around for more than 100 years and have been proven by medical experts, scientists and researchers and the health and fitness community to be effective. Why not try the PeakFitPro for yourself?

Bone Density

Bone density diminishes the older we get unless we do something to keep stress on the bones. Isometrics has been medically proven to increase bone density faster and more effectively than weight lifting exercises. For many seniors, those with balance or other physical issues, it can be very hard to pursue an effective weight lifting program. Not only is it more dangerous for seniors to lift heavy weights or operate many of the machines found in most commercial gyms, it’s often hard to get to the gym.

Isometric exercises can be performed in the privacy of your own home, with no equipment and no risk of injury. Even seniors who are wheelchair bound, or otherwise immobile, or limited to sitting only can do isometric exercises. A study at Tufts University found postmenopausal women ages 50 to 70 were able to increase bone density through regular isometric exercise.

Anti Aging

Another added advantage was desirable weight loss and good news for diabetics. By building muscles, isometric exercise increased metabolism, which helps control weight and glucose. We all get older, but we can choose how fast or slowly we allow our bodies to age along with us. Isometric exercises not only increase blood flow (and therefore natural healing) to the entire body, but they strengthen and tone muscles at the same time.

Even if you suffer from arthritis and joint pain isometric exercise is something you can do to strengthen your body. The PeakFitPro can help produce physiological changes in your body to maximize your age defying hormones including the fountain of youth hormone your body makes naturally called Growth Hormone!

Weekend Warriors

If you’re a weekend warrior, you enjoy your sports activities, but often wish you had more time to train so you weren’t so sore or tired the Monday after a big weekend. Isometric exercise can be performed in minutes a day, without equipment, at home, at work, at school or even while commuting. What if you could increase your strength with five-to-ten minutes a day of exercise? Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Medical and scientific research over the past century has proven that it’s possible to triple or quadruple your strength in a matter of weeks or months with just 10 minutes of isometric exercises a day.

Team Sports

If you’re a weekend warrior, you enjoy your sports activities, but often wish you had more time to train so you weren’t so sore or tired the Monday after a big weekend. Isometric exercise can be performed in minutes a week with the PeakFitPro. What if you could increase your strength with five-to-ten minutes a week of exercise? Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Medical and scientific research over the past century has proven that it’s possible to triple or quadruple your strength in a matter of weeks or months with just 10 minutes of isometric exercises per week.

Team sports typically require significant mastery of sports specific skills. Why waste 3-10 hours per week lifting and getting minimal results, when you can maximize those results with the PeakFitPro and spend your valuable time actually mastering your sport specific skills that will take you to the next level?

Nursing Homes

Being in a nursing home doesn’t have to mean you give up fitness, health and strength. Isometric exercises can be performed daily even from a wheelchair, while sitting or in bed without any equipment or special devices. A study done at Tufts University found older men and women with moderate to severe osteoarthritis of the knee who participated in a 16-week strength training program had as much pain relief from exercise as from medication while increasing strength and decreasing disability.

The 3 laws of muscle growth
by Pete Sisco

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