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  • Patented Scientific Breakthrough: REVOLUTIONARY strength building system. Results are EXPECTED, not cherry picked!!!!
  • Most EFFICIENT workout: More Strength/Muscle in less time
  • FULL BODY WORKOUT: Quickly change configuration for a full body workout
  • Built to LAST: Machine is able to withstand 5,000 pounds of force.
  • SAFEST Workout EVER: Due to the absence of moving parts, virtually injury free
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Isometric Exercises Are Safe and Effective for All Ages & Abilities

Whether you’re a professional body-builder, a senior trying to gain strength, or an adult looking to tone your body, Isometric exercises work. More than a century of research, medical case studies, and real people have proven that isometric exercise is the most effective body building, toning and strengthening exercise known to man. For those who want to focus, measure and track their exercise, there’s PeakFitPro, one simple machine designed to measure your effort and ensure you’re maximizing your results with proprietary technology that has never been available before with isometric exercises before.

The results, safety & efficiency with the PekFitPro are unparalleled by any other form of strength training available today.
Incredible results are expected results! This is the greatest strength training for triathletes available today.

10 Minutes per week or less can transform your body, life, health and fitness!

Because it is a REQUIREMENT that a muscle be overloaded for an adaptive response to occur, anything short of forcing your muscle to work harder than your previous workout will NOT result in an increase in size or strength. In fact, this is proof that you are not yet recovered from your last workout. If you don't show up stronger than your previous workout, then what is the point of the new workout? This is why isometric exercises done at a maximal intensity produces the highest possible gains that you can attain. Progressive Overload is the name of the game for strength and size gains.

The PeakFitPro static contraction training machine includes a 5000 pound load cell connected with our proprietary Bluetooth and app showing the exact amount of effort you’re applying – your PEAK Number – so that you know the number to beat for your next workout. AND, more importantly, you’ll know immediately when your body is in an “under recovered” state. Because of our new technology we can even map your efforts over 10 seconds or even 10 minutes to get your POWER FACTOR, which is information until now that could never be recorded.

This machine can handle over 5,000 pounds of force – like lifting almost 2 Toyota Corollas - so you’ll never outgrow it.

With traditional weight lifting, if you do a set of 10 repetitions before you reach “failure,” the first 9 reps are practically just a warm up for the last rep where the real muscle stimulation happens. And, those first 9 reps make you weaker for the 10th! With the revolutionary static contraction training machine, you can do that last rep first! You simply do ONE REP of 5-10 second all-out effort creating an immediate and intense muscle-building response.

In any weight lifting exercise, you can only use as much weight as you can handle at the weakest part of the lift. In a static contraction training workout, you skip past those weak points and only exercise at the strongest part of your range of motion, creating maximum stimulation. This position is also the position that is safest for the muscle and joint, thus markedly reducing the chances of injury.

Executing safely the perfect repetition where you’re placed in the precise position which is approximately 120 degrees at the joint, allows for maximal momentary muscle fiber recruitment. NEVER before has this been achieved as safely, quickly, or precisely! And because this is a very high intensity all-out effort by you, in as fast as 5 seconds you will have fully exhausted the muscle fibers achieving maximum momentary muscle fiber recruitment.

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Intensity of Effort is GOOD. Amount of Exercise is BAD.

Exercises and a maximal effort is the answer to gains and
safety they are unparalleled anywhere in the world today!

-Arthur Jones


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Safe and Soundless

Because this machine is motionless, it’s safer than any other exercise machine or free weights – nothing to break or fall or snap or drop. And because you’re in the “strong zone” of your range, it’s safer for your body, too. And there are no clanging weights, spinning wheels, fans or other noise makers (unless you turn on the audio biofeedback feature in the Force Meter).

The health benefits of having more strength and muscle mass are well known and publicized. Strength training exercise yields lower blood pressure, increased lean mass, greater bone density, increased fat burning, increased natural Human Growth Hormone production, better skin tone and elasticity, improved sexual function, increased ‘good’ HDL cholesterol, better blood sugar regulation, increased energy and more! Isometric exercises done at maximal intensity can propel these results significantly.

These are what medical scientists call “biomarkers of aging”, and productive strength training has the ability to improve all of them; essentially making a person younger by medical definition.

And the thing that is really exciting is working out on the PeakFitPro machine allows people to get all of these benefits in about 5% of the time compared to how everyone has always done it! The PeakFitPro is the future of Isometric exercises, static contraction training and strength gains.

You'll start your static contraction training workout with TWO 2.5-minute exercise sessions per week. Each session has only 5 exercises.

As you get stronger, each workout will cause a greater activation of your neuromuscular system. And you’ll need more time to recover and get stronger as a result. Which means after a few months, you’ll find yourself maintaining your fitness with only one or two 2-minute workouts PER MONTH.

This machine replaces thousands of pounds of free-weights and machines and other space-hogging equipment.

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In just 10 weeks of Static Contraction Training, trainees (who were hardcore bodybuilders who had been
lifting “heavy” for a long time and averaged about 38 years of age) achieved the following average gains:

These results ARE Typical!

People should expect their lifts to go up significantly. Most will increase 50%-300% in 12 weeks. They will get an increase in muscle tissue, decrease in body fat etc.


Never before has a piece of exercise equipment allowed an individual to reach Maximum Momentary Intensity with isometric exercises until now.

SAFE FOR Seniors of Any Age!

Some of the top concerns older adults have about weight training, exercise and getting fit are safety, balance and the ability to “work out” for 30-to-60 minutes, or long enough to get results. Many may be suffering from joint pain, Type 2 Diabetes or osteoporosis.

Isometric exercise addresses each one of those concerns. The PeakFitPro is a simple machine designed to help individuals reach Maximum Intensity in a controlled manner with measurable effort. It is common for the 80+ population to double and even triple their static lifts in 12 weeks! Imagine what tripling your leg strength could mean to walking up and down stairs or any activities of daily living.

Balance is not an issue, nor are heavy weights, or adding or subtracting weights or changing settings on a big machine. The PeakFitPro is a simple machine with no moving parts, no chains or cables or parts to break. It provides a stable foundation and the proper angles at which you’ll need to get the most effective exercise.

Isometric exercises have been shown to increase bone density while not having to risk breaking bones by using or moving around heavy weights. If you become fatigued during isometric exercises you just stop. There are no weights to lower, and you don’t need a spotter or help to do the exercise. Maximal benefits and maximal safety!

Everyone Benefits From Isometric Exercises

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